Townsquare Media wants to say thank you to the enlisted men and women -- and their families -- of the Yakima Valley who sacrifice so much for all of us every day. That's why we've launched “Townsquare Cares for Military Families.”

Here’s how it works -- and how you can help: Townsquare Cares is a nonprofit organization that works on behalf of troops and their families 24/7, 365 days a year.

Just click on this link to make a cash donation -- we're happy with any amount you can give. Townsquare Cares will then pool everyone’s donations together and use the money to help families of actively deployed troops from this area to help those families have a brighter, easier holiday season.

And if you have a family member who is actively deployed, we want to hear your story. From the nominations submitted on this website, we’ll select several families from right here in the Yakima Valley to receive $500 -- just in time for the holidays. Along with the other Townsquare Media communities across the country, we want to make this holiday season brighter for the women and men whose families are here at home.

Just fill out this form to make your nomination:

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