If you've never been to the Jurassic Park Hisey Dino Park in Granger, Washington, you will find that it is quaint, small, and full of oh-so-cuddly dinos. But as one young person found out this week, the fake dinosaurs that live there have a terrible secret. They can be quite dastardly and they will trap you into climbing up their backs! (No, I'm not laughing, YOU'RE laughing!)


Hisey Park has made national and regional news headlines after a youngster climbed up to the top of a T-Rex and got stuck. The Granger fire department had to rescue her, poor thing. Thankfully, Washingtonian, Xavier Salinas, captured the whole thing on video!

It's not often you hear about people crawling their way up that T-Rex and then realizing they are too scared to come back down. Not because it doesn't happen often but because it never makes the news. Until now. The only reason this story has gone viral is because, as mentioned earlier, Xavier Salinas took a video of all the shenanigans and it was comical to many, many people. Xavier's vid has been shared on Facebook nearly 700 times to date and posted in several local groups, including Yakima County Scanner and 509 Memes. Thank you, Xavier, for being at the right place at the right time. I am just counting down the minutes until parts of this video appear on TikTok, set to the tune of that late 80s song, "Walk the Dinosaur" by the band Was Not Was. Or "Stuck on You" by Lionel Richie.

I am not one to judge. I can totally understand the climber's fear of heights, having survived a hill climb in 2002. I call it one of my "near-death experiences." You see, I had no problems climbing UP the hill, well, actually, that's not true, I about passed out twice. And then once I realized there was not a paved (or safe) way to get back down to the bottom where our cars were, I completely freaked out and started crying. To be honest, I thought I was going to tumble down the hill and die, but as you can see, I managed to survive. (Sorry, frenemies, I survived, HA!)

The climber was obviously afraid of heights, but although Hisey Park is not even an amusement park, that T-Rex sure did turn an ordinary delightful pandemic day at the park into a deleted scene from Jurassic Park 3. Stuff went from 0 to 100 real quick. Thank goodness the climber was not trying to use the loo or it could have been an even worse day at Hisey Park!


You might be thinking, perhaps this dastardly dinosaur should be ashamed of itself for trapping that lady up there on its back!

You gotta watch out for those T-Rexes, they always up to no good!


Please keep in mind though that the dino has been standing there for decades, minding its own business being HUGE when all of a sudden a human hopped on its back and caught a bad case of the fear of heights.

Your Honor, this T-Rex has been wronged and is completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Side note: If the T-Rex is smart enough to hire a great publicist, it could use all 15 minutes of this newfound infamy to push for being named "the official dinosaur of Washington state". Its arch-enemy, the Suciasaurus Rex, is well on its way to being declared the queen and king of all dinosaurs within our state borders*. It's up to the Washington state House Rules Committee to make the S-Rex's dreams come true. So T-Rex, call on some P.R. people you know in crisis management to save your reputation, lest you be nicknamed, Tricky Ricky!

Our State Representative of the 15th District that includes Granger, Jeremie Dufault, happens to be on the Rules Committee so we will have to watch and see what he does. Is he Team T-Rex or Team S-Rex? Time for you to "Rep" your set, Congressman!

*The Suciasaurus Rex was the first dinosaur to have its fossils discovered in Washington state, discovered near the San Juan Islands.

The comment section in the Yakima Scanner Facebook group did not disappoint.

Dottie Reynolds
She just wanted to see some sexy firemen!
Amber Pinard-Torres
What? There's a dino park in granger? Cool!
Elliza Lilly
This time it wasn’t me!
Oscar Ceja
She should of Flintstone that thing down...
Joseph Mitchell
Dre Flores, your hometown is Wildin!

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