I think it's safe to say Yakima might be turning into the next "Florida" for dumb guy moments. We've had too many crazy stories happening lately, from the time Yakima made national news for the guys who broke out of the Yakima County Jail, to the lady who got stuck on a dinosaur, and many other stories ripped from the local headlines.

The latest Yakima-based story that is now making national headlines (it's already up on Newsweek, for crying out loud). This genius guy though, took matters into his own hands and decided to drive his entire truck into the Yakima River so that he could top off his radiator.

The story was all everyone could g̶i̶g̶g̶l̶e̶  talk about in the WTF Just Happened in Yakima Facebook group. The caption on the posted article from KIMA TV said, "So...did it work?"

Comments included someone replying, "I am pretty wisdomous," a quote from Joey Tribbiani on the TV show Friends, who was known for not being the sharpest tool in the box, if you know what I mean.


Other commenters on Facebook said the driver was "genius...hilarious" and my personal favorite comment, "Hoses are hard. You have to unravel them, then you have to turn the knob. Exhausting."

Well, as you can imagine, NO, the "genius" plan of filling up a radiator in the Yakima River did NOT work. The guy ended up getting his car towed out of the river by the sheriffs.

I wonder if he received a traffic violation for this stunt. I guess if you're pretty desperate to cool off that radiator, you just gotta use what Mother Nature gave us--the Yakima River!


I would bet that most of us have been in the situation before where our vehicle's radiator starts getting hot. I've know I have personally been there more times than I ever would like to admit, and apparently I have a penchant for buying cars that turn out to be LEMONS!

One way that we temporarily solve the smoking radiator problem is to fill up the reservoir tank with coolant or anti-freeze, but sometimes you might not have any coolant around. You can always use a thing of water to "fill in" for the coolant until you're able to get your car fixed, but that is the least optimal solution.

Now enjoy a bunch of clips of others driving their cars into a river!

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