Have You Seen This Crazy Sign on a Reader Board in Yakima?

When was the last time you saw a crazy sign on a reader board that was so funny you couldn't help but laugh out loud?

That happened to me just the other day. I had just left the office and on my way home I saw a sign at an automotive center. It made me laugh so abruptly that I nearly spit out the coffee I was drinking.


I love that the owners of Bonnie & Clydes have a great sense of humor. We all could use a lot of humor these days. Sometimes, it's either laugh or cry at the stresses of daily life, and I choose to LAUGH! I wish I knew of any other places around town that have hilarious signs. If you see some, please share them with us in the comments. It would certainly brighten our day!

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Here are some other funny signs I've seen. They were not signs located in Yakima but they still made me giggle! I wish more local businesses would put up funny signs.

  • “Private Sign. Do Not Read!” Jackson Glass Works
  • We Sell Organic Gluten-Free Sheet Metal.” Vinje & Son Custom Sheet Metal
  • “Our Secret Ingredient Is Our People. Now Hiring.” Wendy’s
  • “House For Sale. Not Haunted.” Jake Palmer, Remax
  • “No Pants Needed for Drizly Delivery. Pants Are Required Inside, Todd. Yes, A Unitard Is Ok.” Sav-Mor Discount Liquors
  • “Now Pet-Friendly! Except for Bears. We’re Not Making That Mistake Again.” Comfort Inn
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