Since 2014, Collin Kelley has been a mainstay in the Yakima Basketball scene. Three state playoffs appearances, and over 1000 career points later, Collin Kelley has made his decision on where he will further his education and career. 1460 ESPN Yakima was able to catch up with Collin Kelley, and get his thoughts on his commitment to play college basketball at Eastern Arizona.

ESPN: When did you first hear from Eastern Arizona?

Collin Kelley: Eastern Arizona first reached out to me during this past basketball season. They talked to a Davis assistant, too see my film and get my contact info. Then after the season I flew down to Thatcher to check the school out, and they offered me there.

What other colleges were you considering besides Eastern Arizona?

A few other colleges had offered me; Lamar College in Colorado, Lane College in Oregon, and the local team here Yakima Valley. So it really came down to those three along with Eastern Arizona.

What are some things that you like about the Eastern Arizona Basketball program?

First and foremost, Eastern Arizona is national junior college, so the exposure they get is huge. It's been a very successful program when it comes to getting players to four-year schools, as well as playing overseas. I really like the head coach there (Maurice Leitzke), and they've got an old-school gym there too, reminds of the old Davis gym.

How much did AAU, showcases, off-season work etc. help you in your college recruiting?

Those showcases put me in front of a lot of coaches, and they were putting the word out about me. A lot of coaches (at these showcases) felt I could be going to a four-year school, but due to external factors, they wanted to see me at a junior college first. So that's how a lot of the smaller schools first got word about me, was from the coaches at the showcases.

Do you plan on transferring after playing two years at Eastern Arizona?

I definitely plan on staying at Eastern Arizona for two years, as I can't transfer out until I complete my associates degree. But once that's done, I'll be putting my name out there for universities to take a look at.

What will you study in college?

I'm not too sure specifically what I'll study in college, but I would like to be a basketball trainer one day. So something in exercise science, just want to stick around the game and give back.

What would you say is your favorite moment as a Davis Pirate? 

Making it to the state championship my freshman year definitely stands out. Going undefeated in league this year, and winning the Big Nine Championship was also something special.

Is there any people you'd like to thank that helped get you to this point?

My Mom has always been there supporting me. My family supports me and helps me train and motivate myself. I've had a lot of amazing coaches, Coach Juarez, Coach Alvarado, and Coach Vicente, they've all helped me out over the years. But honestly, there's too many to count.

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