The sixth and final episode of an online-only documentary detailing the chronological history of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club dropped today (May 14).

The Dorktown project from Jon Bois (Editor) and Alex Rubenstein (Producer) over at sports website SB Nation have completed the daunting task of analyzing one of professional sports most miserable franchises -- the Seattle Mariners.

According to the two, neither of whom are Mariners fans themselves, the Seattle club is a "fascinating, outrageously weird franchise, starting all the way back with its bizarre origins."

The episode starts with the departure of Ken Griffey, Jr. leaving in the middle of the 2010 season and then begins to focus on the Felix Hernandez era which lasted through the vast majority of the M's current 19-year playoff drought.

Episode 6, titled "The Seattle Mariners Enter the Great Beyond" and was described on the SB Nation YouTube channel like this:
"Felix Hernandez, the hero of the modern-day Mariners, did everything he could to drag them into the playoffs. Lord, how he tried. He never made it happen, because no one man ever can. But to call them cursed, we’d argue, would be to miss the point of the Seattle Mariners entirely."

Do not take our word on just how profoundly exquisite this series is and has been up to now. Many Mariners and non-Mariners (heck, even non-baseball fans!) are piling hundreds of rave reviews in the comments of this video in just the first few hours since its release. For example, this one from user Cole Donnelly who summed up the series like this:
"The Mariners are exactly that. Mariners. Exploring the vast sea of baseball and humanity and finding very strange things."

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