It's starts with one thing ... and that thing was Gal Gadot gathering a number of celebrity pals who were self-isolating to sing a cringe-worthy version of John Lennon's "Imagine." That spawned a number of parodies in the days to follow, including one in which a number of ESPN personalities decided to take on Linkin Park's classic, "In the End."

High Noon co-host Pablo Torre appears to have started this project, challenging his fellow ESPN personalities to join in:

Around the Horn's Tony Reali gets things rolling on piano, and it looks by his social media feed that music has been helping him get through these trying times, as he's rocked out piano and drums (including some Guns N' Roses) with his kids during his downtime. Reali also shows another skill, swishing a roll of toilet paper into a kids' basketball goal, no look no less.

Highly Questionable host Dan Le Batard, his father Gonzalo "Papi" Le Batard and frequent collaborators Stu Gotz, Mina Kimes, Katie Nolan, Izzy Gutierrez and Sarah Spain, The Jump's Amin Elhassan, Jalen & Jacoby co-host David Jacoby and Golic & Wingo's Mike Golic Jr. are also among those delivering lines.

For fans of Highly Questionable, this will no doubt brighten the spirits seeing "Papi" back reciting famous music lyrics as has been a staple on the show.

Check out the variety of ESPN personalities showing off their musical (or not so musical) chops on Linkin Park's classic in the video below, followed by the original Linkin Park video for "In the End" below that.

ESPN Personalities Cover Linkin Park's "In the End"

Linkin Park, "In the End"

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