The Seattle Kraken is finally here, the Climate Pledge Arena is coming to completion, you can buy jerseys and the first pre-season game is in October. But now you can be closer than ever to your favorite team and I'll tell you how.

If you've never strapped on a pair of skates in your life now is a perfect time. The Seattle Kraken will have practice facilities where fans can actually go skate on the ice when it's not in use. I'll show you where and how you can go and join in on the fun.

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Kraken Community Iceplex

The community Iceplex will not only be a home facility for the Kraken to practice but will also be the home of all Icesports in Seattle. It'll be open to the community for a large list of different on-ice activities that we'll get into. If you're interested in going I'll make sure to include the address for you to plan your next trip.

Kraken Community Iceplex Mission Statement.

Taken Right from their home page the Kraken Iceplex plans on getting everyone in the community involved as hockey grows in the PNW

"The Kraken Community Iceplex is the home of the Seattle Kraken and ice sports in Seattle. We are dedicated to the development of youth and adult ice sports in Seattle and the Puget Sound region. We hold fast to our commitment to providing our athletes, volunteers, officials, and families a safe and fun environment to grow on and off the ice. We value teamwork, competition, discipline, sportsmanship, and hard work to cultivate exceptional people and athletes. We are dedicated to growing our community of hockey players, figure skaters, and other ice sports participants, prioritizing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all"

 Public Skate Open For All

For $15 dollars a session for adults and $5 skate rentals this is an awesome deal for you to skate the same ice as our NHL team The Seattle Kraken, if you're interested in having access to the ice all year long you can splurge and buy a 10x punch pass for 10 skate sessions only $140 dollars saving you $10. Children 4 and under skate for free.

Learn To Skate Classes

If you're new to the ice or haven't skated in a while this is the perfect place to get your lessons and soon enough be skating like a pro. For details on lessons for kids follow the link here. Youth Skating lessons. For adults, Skate lessons follow this link provided here. Adult Ice Skating Lessons.

Learn To Play Hockey lessons

The Seattle Kraken is going above and beyond when giving back to their community, helping Kids, Teens, and Adults learn how to play the game of hockey. With real coaches and real fun for all, you can sign up for these classes and show off your newfound skills on the ice. Kids 5 - 9 Hockey Lessons,

10-16 Sea-League lessons,

18+ Hockey Lessons


Hockey Leagues for all ages.

Now that you've learned how to play or maybe you've already been on the ice most of your life. The Kraken Iceplex will host community Hockey Leagues to have a fun place to play, which just happens to be where the Kraken Practices. Below we'll have links for each league.

Youth Hockey League Sign Up

Adult Hockey Leagues Sign Up 

Rent The Ice Out for your own private events

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or wanna have a hockey game with friends and family you're now able to rent out the ice for the day and time of your choosing. For more information follow the link

Rent Out Ice at Kraken Community Iceplex

Kraken Team store and more

If you're looking for memorabilia, jerseys, or more you can score at the official Kraken Team Store located at the Iceplex. They also have a bar and grill opening soon called the 32 Bar & Grill where patrons can enjoy freshly cooked food and beverages.

32 Bar & Grill

Visiting the Iceplex

For directions, you can plug this address into your G.P.S.10601 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

For more additional info you can find the website here. Kraken Community Iceplex

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