One of my favorite things about football season is catching the game out at a bar or restaurant, so of course, I've done some research to find the best places in Yakima to watch the game.

The smell of bloody mary's in the morning, wings in the evening, and cold beer around the clock is the only way to watch the game for me. This list may get some updates and changes along the way, so if you know of a great place to watch the Hawks play and it's not on this list, make sure to reach out.

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5.) The Warehouse Sports Bar And Grill

This place is a down-to-earth spot that offers delicious food and tasty drinks with all the TVs you could as for to watch the game. With a welcoming environment and friendly staff, you can't go wrong here.

4.) The Pub Of Yakima

Another amazing place, with great food, The Pub Of Yakima is just that a great pub with beers on tap and a fun place to watch a game, staff that cares about your expierence, and cooks that know their way around the kitchen.

3.) Brews and Cues

In the heart of downtown Yakima, this place has those dive bar feels with bar games, a pool, and beer on tap. Tho you may get the dive bar vibes this place is a friendly spot and looking to make you a long-time patron. Definitely, a fun place to watch a Seahawks game.

2.) Norm's Of Yakima

The moment you walk into this place you get a relaxed feeling and a vintage vibe off of it. The floors are made with pennies and the bar is the old wooden style giving you a sense of the old days while stepping into the 21st century. The staff and patrons are all friendly and welcoming. The food is delicious and the beers are next-level tasty. This will be a Sunday night must for the Hawks game.

1.) Sports Center Of Yakima

This place was one of the first I noticed on my first drive-thru town, it sticks out with the hunter aiming to the sky. Some of the best American eats you can find, along with a stocked bar and TV's plastered along the wall so you don't miss out on any of that Seahawks action.


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