Lance Tormey are you listening???  Fox News is reporting that skiers are going to face particular challenges when it comes to COVID-19.

Covid caused crowded conditions are expected to force people to look to find ways to socially distance out on the slopes which could push some skiers into backcountry no-man's-land.

Adrian Ballinger is an expert in avalanche preparedness, and says, “As limits on resort skiing multiply, and people want to avoid crowds, the allure of skiing in the backcountry is strong. The danger is that the backcountry is not controlled for avalanches, nor are there trail signs or ski patrol in the case of an accident.”

Ballinger urges skiers who are set on doing backcountry skiing to take the necessary precautions before venturing out, adding that these individuals should make sure they go with an experienced mountain guide or knowledgeable friends.

My son Lance -not THAT Lance- works for outdoor equipment giant R.E.I. which offers some guidance on line.

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