The score doesn't tell the story of this one. Because Davis vs Ike will be remembered in ways larger than a score on a piece of paper.

It started in the pre-game, when Davis seniors Collin Kelley and Alexzander Delgado showed up in "anti-Ike" t-shirts.

(Davis (not Ike) is Yakima's Team)
"Davis (not Ike) is Yakima's Team"

"At first i wasn't even going to wear it, and then (Earl Lee) was like, bro wear it you and Collin!" Said a light-hearted Alexzander Delgado.

Behind the hot shooting of Delgado and Kelley, Davis jumped on Ike with an 8-0 start.

Davis would continue to not let up, as they built a 34-18 advantage mid-way through the second quarter.

"We knew to keep executing, because it's not won in two minutes, it's won in four quarters," said Davis coach Eli Juarez on his team playing hard.

Ike's struggles continued in the second half as several errant passes put away any chance of a productive offense happening.

Davis killed any hope of an Ike comeback in the third quarter
Davis killed any hope of an Ike comeback in the third quarter

"I don"t know if our guys were nervous? I had to call a timeout and tell them to stop making cross-court passes and come to the ball," said a weary Ike coach Miguel Bazaldua in the post-game.

Business would pick up late in the fourth quarter, when a shoving match broke out between the two rivals.

Benches cleared, and it took several minutes to break the teams up.

Non-basketball activities took place in the fourth quarter
Non-basketball activities took place in the fourth quarter

As the dust settled, three players were ejected. Two from Eisenhower (Gio Diaz and Demario Morgan), and one from Davis (Collin Kelley).

As of this writing, there is no update on what their status for future games will be.

The reserves for both teams stepped in as Davis wrapped up a 69-49 victory.

Coach Eli Juarez has now led his Davis squad to a 10-2 start, and he seems pleased with where his team is at.

"Every game we're getting closer to where we want to be, and I'm hopeful we'll reach our full potential."

For the second night in a row, Davis point guard Alexzander Delgado scored 23 points.

As the senior exited the court, he paused for a second to soak in the moment.

"I realized this is my last Davis-Ike game in Ike. I kind of took that into account, I'm just glad we got this win."

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