Coach Eli Juarez really didn't want 200 wins to be a big deal.

He clearly was appreciative of the congratulatory messages, but was not fulling embracing the moment either.

"200 wins means to me that there's been a lot of players that have come through our system, and have contributed to my success. Whenever accolades come up, that's a direct reflection of how hard they have worked."

Eli Juarez has been coaching in the Washington basketball scene for several decades. His run includes stints at Dayton, Wenatchee, Wapato, and now at Davis.

The 200th Win of Coach Juarez's Davis Career might have been one of his best ever. His team limited Wenatchee to a mind-boggling 25 points, as they ran with a 58-25 victory.


"At least numbers wise, that's the best defensive performance we've ever had, our kids were really getting after it defensively," said a proud Coach Juarez.

Up 30-16 at halftime, the key to Davis' defensive success was their high pressure 3-2 zone defense.

Every time a Wenatchee player touched the ball, Davis immediately cornered them with a double-team.

Using this formula, Davis created so many turnovers, they didn't know what what to do with them all.

"Every single guard on our team stepped up and set the tempo for us on defense," said Davis forward Collin Kelley.

As incredible as their first half was, it was Davis' second half that would etch them in the history book.


Wenatchee didn't make a single field goal until mid-way through the fourth quarter. Making it a stretch of 13 minutes Wenatchee went without a field goal. Simply unreal.

"Their athleticism and pressure overwhelmed us," said Wenatchee head coach Travis Williams, "towards the end of the first quarter, the game was decided."

A big storyline for Davis this season has been the emergence of budding stars Earl Lee (sophomore) and Jose Reyes (freshman).

At the beginning of the season, both young bucks seemed to be slightly overwhelmed by the magnitude of varsity basketball.

Fast forward 16 games, and both are playing with unbelievable confidence.

"When you start playing more, things start to slow down. At halftime, Jose Reyes told me he was seeing plays develop before they happened," Said Coach Juarez on his young stars.

For a team to be a state contender, there needs to be impeccable camaraderie.

Davis features a freshman starter, multiple contributing sophomore's, and seniors that have been around forever. For a group that features such diverse backgrounds, a brotherhood has definitely formed.

Freshman guard Jose Reyes gave his take on the Davis family, "Sometimes the older guys will say things like, I don't talk to freshman! But I think they're trying to toughen us up for when we take over the team one day."

On a night with so many milestones reached, Davis is showing why they should be the talk of the Yakima Basketball community.

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