I like to believe and live by the saying "If you go looking for trouble, you'll find trouble." So far in my 40+ years on this planet, this motto has worked for me. I'm also a firm believer that "bad things can happen to good people." It's a sad fact of life, but it just happens. People can be driven to do bad things. Whether it's caused by addiction, or the cards they've been dealt in the game of life, or just flat-out evilness, bad people can do bad things to good people. I like to look for the best in people, but in some cases, it's harder to spot. So, what can you do?

What Can You Do To Stay Safe In Spokane?

What can you do to be safe in Spokane, let alone anywhere you might be? Be aware of your surroundings. Protect yourself. Travel or stay with a group of people you trust. Avoid certain areas if you can. If you can't, then it goes back to the first thing I mentioned, be aware. Know the layout of the land and neighborhoods before you go. If you're in the Spokane area, below is a list of the neighborhoods that the crime rate is higher. I'm not saying there aren't a lot of great people living in these communities, just that the statistics and reports say there are some bad people in those areas as well.


How Is The Danger Level For Spokane Ranked?

According to AreaVibes.com, these findings are based on how many violent crimes per 100,000 people in each of the neighborhoods. That is also compared to the crime average of Spokane. These are just estimates so far in 2022.

10: Emerson Garfield at 16% more crime than the Spokane average.
9: Riverside at 17% more crime than the Spokane average.
8: Chief Garry Park at 27% more crime than the Spokane average.
7: Nevada-Lidgerwood at 49% more crime than the Spokane average.
6: Bemiss at 57% more crime than the Spokane average.

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5: Whitman at 83% more crime than the Spokane average.
4: Hillyard at 85% more crime than the Spokane average.
3: East Central at 157% more crime than the Spokane average.
2: West Central at 167% more crime than the Spokane average.
1: Browne's Addition at 302% more crime than the Spokane average.

Other Sources For The Crime Rate in Spokane, Washington

While looking into this topic, I found two maps that were very helpful. For a basic map showing which neighborhoods are the safest,  as well as the areas you want to be weary in, NeighborhoodScout.com was an interesting site to check out. If you are more curious about what exact crimes have taken place in your neighborhood, including car theft, assault, home burglary and worse, the Spokane County Sheriff’s site, SpokaneCounty.org, is incredibly detailed and up to date. This is indeed another great resource.

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