2020 Chiawana point guard Cooper Dewitt is a featured player on one of the top 4A teams in the state. 

With the Chiawana Boys Basketball team being 17-1, the argument can be made that they are amid the most successful season in school history. The school was formed in 2009, and record wise, nothing has come close to what they’re doing right now.

“It was our goal to win as many games as possible, and that’s what we’re doing,” the 6-foot-6, 190-pound Dewitt said. “Last year we got a little taste, and now we’re hungry to make it to the Dome.” 

For Dewitt and the rest of the senior class, it’s been the culmination of a process that’s taken four years. When they started out as freshman, Chiawana was a 10-13 team. Every year since, their record has improved to what it is now. 

Looking at their roster, you’re not going to find an abundance of Division I talent, or freakishly built athletes. The Riverhawks have largely found success on the basis of hard work and belief in each other.

Dewitt said that he’s noticed every season, more and more players have become totally bought into the program. While Dewitt could more or less be described as a ‘top star’ on the team, the Riverhawks pride themselves on utilizing just about every player on the roster. 

Right now Dewitt is amidst a career year, as he’s averaging career highs across the board. This includes points (13.9) and assists (6). As long as he keeps up his current pace, there’s little doubt he’ll earn an All League honor this season. 

It would certainly be a huge achievement to make the All-League list, but what would mean exponentially more to Dewitt is making an appearance in the state title game. 

If there was ever a time to do it, this would be it. Most rankings have them top eight in the state, which means there’s a widespread belief that this is a tier one team.

You factor in the playoff experience they got last year, and the fact that several other players are also having career years, and it’s no wonder there’s a special aura around this year's team. 

Should Chiawana make a title appearance, it would not only be fulfilling a team goal, but it would also help showcase Dewitt’s skills in front of a mainstream audience. 

Dewitt is a highly versatile player for Chiawana. He might be 6-foot-6, but he still has enough finesse to be the team's primary point guard. On the defensive side, he’s counted on to be a stifling defender in the low post, and also rack up rebounds.

Because of his diverse skill set, he’s captured the attention of several college programs in the region. They include Central Washington University, Seattle Pacific University, Whitworth University, Sonoma State University, and also several junior colleges. Most schools are looking at him as a point guard or shooting guard. 

“Playing college basketball has been a goal of mine since seventh grade,” Dewitt said. “Seeing all the time and effort my parents were putting into AAU, I just want to repay them.” 

The biggest thing that Dewitt is looking for in a school is a place that feels like home. He’s been a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities, so he believes finding a school that gives him a similar level of comfort will help him thrive. 

Growing up in the Richland and Pasco area, Dewitt had four older brothers who all also played basketball. Because of this, Dewitt has pretty much been around the game since he could walk. Going forward, one of his biggest goals in life is to continue playing the game for as long as he can. 

These past four years playing for Chiawana have gone about as well as Dewitt could have hoped for. He’s adamant on wanting to end the season in a memorable way. 

“We just have to keep working hard on our consistency,” Dewitt said. “If we can clean up the little things, then we’re going to be at our best.” 

Along with other exciting players like Seth Schmidt, Landyn Cantu, Jayden Martinez, Taylor Perez, and Kobe Young, this is a team you’ll want to keep track of going forward. Dewitt and the boys will have every opportunity to hoist the Gold Trophy come March.

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