Summer is here and the great outdoors is beckoning. Are you camping this summer? Perhaps hitting the water? Sounds great, but remember, before fun, safety is job one.

Every year, and far too often, we hear of tragedy striking and destroying what could have been a memorable weekend on the water, and turning it into the unthinkable that will devastate families for a lifetime.

Children Must Always Wear Life Jackets When on or Near the Water, Lakes, Rivers

A tragedy that has stuck with me since my childhood is the death of a fellow neighborhood kid, who lost his life to drowning at Lake Chelan. Had he been wearing a life jacket on that fateful summer day, he would be alive and here right now. What would he have done with his life? How many other lives could he have touched? How would his devastated parents' lives be better? These are all questions no one should ever have to ask. This is why I wanted to let everyone know that one local business has stepped up to help kids whose families might not be able to afford life jackets, to get one.

Coastal Farm and Ranch in Yakima to Provide 300 Life Jackets to Kids

Coastal Farm and Ranch have given back to the community in so many ways over the years, and on Saturday, June 25th beginning at 11 am, they're going to be handing out FREE life jackets for the first 300 kids who come down to their South First Street location. This is first-come, first-served, while their supplies last. But, think of it, 300 kids will now have life jackets that could very well save their lives.

Obviously, it's ideal to have children accompanied by an adult and it's best to have the child there to be fitted with the life jacket to ensure an effective fit. We should all thank Coastal Farm and Ranch for this generous offering to help kids safe, so be sure to let them know next time you stop by the store.

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