Calvin Johnson did the impossible last season, racking up 1,681 yards, 16 touchdowns and the first playoff appearance for the Detroit Lions since leather helmets went out of style. His reward for those accomplishments is the devilish curse brought on by the Madden NFL cover. Ask Peyton Hillis how last year’s cover appearance worked out for him.

Since EA Sports left its Madden NFL 13 cover boy determination up to the fans via a tournament-style contest, Lions fans can’t blame the publisher for attempting to derail their team’s rare success. ‘Megatron’, as Johnson is known to Motor City fans, edged out Cam Newton for the honor, which is just as well, because running quarterbacks get injured enough on their own, with no help from cover curses needed.

Although athletes escape the Madden guillotine every now and then, odds are that Johnson is in for some rough times this year. Get those arthroscopes ready, Detroit-area knee ligament doctors, because ‘Megatron’ will probably get wheeled in sometime this year.


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