I read the other day where sales of the Barbie Doll were up nearly 30% during the pandemic.  That's comfort play for kids.  I also read where nostalgia items were extremely popular as well as we seek to remember calmer, safer more peaceful days.

To that add this from CNN Business. The pandemic has put a lot of time on our family hands and a lot of us are using that time to play board games.

"Toy and game maker Hasbro reported a 21 percent in sales of games like its Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering for the July-to-September quarter as families at home together more amid the pandemic have been buying them"
Hasbro's Star Wars and The Mandalorian toys also showed what it called "strong revenue growth." It's not just Hasbro that's seeing a sales bump, in addition to Barbie, rival Mattel says sales of Hot Wheels were up six percent in the third quarter.
Mattel's CEO said, "The toy industry, as a whole, grew significantly and continues to demonstrate its resilience in challenging economic times."

Let me put in a plug for another great family game called Splendor.  We picked this earlier this summer after playing it at a family reunion of sorts and it was so much fun.

There is a tutorial below and it explains the mechanics very well but it sounds much drier than is the game.  There is strategy, tension, frustration, laughter and it is equally fun for my daughter aged 12 as it is for me at age 12 times 5+ !!  Great game!



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