Can Bill Murray possibly get any cooler? Yes, he can.

The actor, and well-known Cubs fan, pulled off one of the coolest moves you'll ever hear when he gave a fellow Cubs fan a ticket to Game 6 of the World Series in Cleveland.

The lucky fan is Karen Michel, from Whiting, Ind., who unsuccessfully and predictably failed to obtain tickets when she strolled up to the ticket window at Progressive Field. As she walked away, she happened to notice the Ghostbusters star and began to follow him.

What happened next is the stuff of legend:

He turns around and says, 'Here, here's a ticket.' And he kind of shuttled me into the door. I thought it was just a ticket to get in. But it was a ticket to sit right here."

"Here" happened to be the seat next to Murray, a few rows behind home plate. There, they took in the game and chatted about their mutual love of the North Siders.

You can see Michel below. There's no word on what kind of rabbit she's going to pull out to get in for Game 7.

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