I am hereby issuing a challenge to all high school marching bands in the Yakima Valley: Y'ALL NEED TO STEP UP YOUR GAME, SIS (and BROS)!

I definitely know a thing or two about what makes for a GREAT high school marching band. When I was in high school in Nashville, Tennessee, our bands were in fierce competition with the other school bands. There were high profile local and state competitions every year. We didn't hear wimpy, watered down versions of "Brown-Eyed Girl" or bland renditions of the high school "fight song" at our football games. We heard amped up versions of the top current hits (usually urban hits) from the radio. Getting a rowdy and hyped crowd reaction from the music played by our school band was the STANDARD, and the bar got raised higher and higher every year.

I live exactly one block away from Davis High School, which means that I can hear the nightly practice sessions of their marching band. Sometimes, I jump on my bed and put the pillows over my head to drown out the noise, but sometimes, I open up my patio door and listen to them practice with judgment. If they impress me, I usually nod my head and whisper under my breath, "Ooh, they're getting really good!"

That is why I think out of all the high schools in the Yakima Valley, the Davis Pirates Buccaneers have the best marching band in the Yakima Valley. We'll see who makes the cut at the 2017 Harvest Marching Band Festival in Yakima on October 21st at Ike (Eisenhower High, 811 S 44th Ave).

A lot of high schools in the Yakima Valley are celebrating "Spirit Week" and homecoming nights, which hopefully means your local high school marching band is ramping up its arsenal of "music jams". Let's see who YOU think is the best!

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