This parking job, may not be AS BAD as the one I witnessed a while back at Safeway on Nob Hill Blvd., but as I was leaving Costco, I saw this beautiful car parked horribly. Why? I mean look around the car, plenty of parking. He (assuming this car belonged to a guy, or at least was driven by one) just couldn't line it up! But then I started thinking, is this the worlds worst driver/parker or perhaps the smartest?

So, IF he's the worlds dumbest driver, and can't park properly, then there's a couple things I'd hate to see. His early childhood school assignments and coloring books. "Stay inside the lines!" Not this guy! "F*** those Lines! I draw where I want!". Also, if he was aiming for the parking spot, and this was his best shot, I would hate to see what his bathroom looks like... or his children.

Now of course, the above statements are meant as jokes. For all practical purposes, this guy might be one of the smartest drivers out there, or at least in that particular parking lot on that particular day. If I had a car that looked as nice as that, I'd be worried about someone dinging it. Hence would explain why he parked way out away from the other cars. Less risk of getting hit. But why take up 2 spots? Well that lies the real genius. No one SHOULD park next to you. If they do take up a space, as long as they can park in between the lines, they will be a good distance from your car, so no risk of getting hit by their door, or you hitting your door on their car. It is actually genius. I will say, at least he did this in a not crowded area, and far away from the building's entrance, at least for that nicety, I thank you!

That being said, I still snapped a couple pictures. I went and posted them on a Facebook group that I'm part of. This picture is now part of the Yakima Terrible Parking Hall of Shame Facebook Page! If you have any you'd like to share, just make sure you blur the license plate and have at it.


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