(AP) — The Big 12 athletic directors are unanimously backing a policy that would prohibit schools from accepting transfers who were disciplined for violent acts at their previous schools. Big 12 school Baylor and Bears coach Art Briles have come under scrutiny for allowing a player who was convicted of sexual assault last week to transfer to the school in 2013 after he was dismissed from Boise State for disciplinary issues.

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SEATTLE (AP) — Washington coach Chris Petersen has declined to expand on his statement from last week regarding the transfer of Sam Ukwuachu from Boise State to Baylor when Petersen was the Broncos' head coach. The 22-year-old Ukwuachu was sentenced to six months in jail and put on 10 years of probation in Texas for sexually assaulting a former Baylor women's soccer player last year. Petersen last week said he said he "thoroughly apprised Coach Briles of the circumstances surrounding Sam's disciplinary record and dismissal."