Jeff Hall set off to spread his brother's ashes at every major league ballpark, and no one was supposed to know about it. That included the incident at Fenway, where the ashes were spread in a different way.

Hall tells PodcastOne Sports Now co-hosts Jim Litke and Tim Dahlberg that he completed his mission earlier this year, and that his brother's ashes were spread in some unusual spots at various ballparks across the country. Hall said his biggest fear was he would be caught spreading the ashes and banned from the park, but that he was able to even spread them in fair territory in some parks.

His story is told as Litke and Dahlberg discuss the World Series, with Dahlberg talking about he and his son attending their first World Series game together in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series when Kirk Gibson hit his famous home run.

There is also NBA and NFL talk, including a segment on the bright yellow uniforms the Rams wore in beating the 49ers. The two debate whether the right sentences were handed down for a brawl in the Lakers-Rockets game, or whether the league is trying to protect LeBron James.

And, of course, there is food talk that centers around huevos rancheros, mayonnaise and grape stomping in Spain.