Oddsmakers in Las Vegas are pretty uncanny when it comes to setting pointspreads for the NFL each week. They have to be. The object of the house is to take in an equal amount of money on both teams in order for the bookmaker to come out showing a profit.

With that said, they are not afraid to adjust the original pointspread based on the number of bets, or "action", that is coming in for each side. In tonight's Sunday Night Football game at Century Link Field in Seattle between the host Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles, the closer to kickoff, the more money being put on the Hawks.


The graphic shown above from VegasInsider.com shows that every major SportsBook in Sin City (MGM, Wynn, etc.) has had to wildly adjust the amount of points the Sehawks are getting. The opening line was set at +6 and has dropped like a rock to +3.5.

Is the "smart" money on Seattle tonight? The gambler's are thinking so, it appears.

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