The Tri-City Americans are starting up their fall season soon and we are all pretty excited. 

If you are a hockey fan, you might already remember an epic brawl and fight that broke out between the Tri-City Americans and some Seattle fans way back in 1990.

If not, buckle in and learn the story behind the infamous brawl that left a coach and two players suspended for their actions.

When Did The Tri-City Americans Get Into A Brawl With Seattle Fans?

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The brawl as some may remember occurred on March 24th, 1990 on a Saturday night as the Americans played the Seattle Thunderbirds at the Seattle Coliseum.

Why Did The Tri-City Americans Get Into A Brawl With Seattle Fans?

It was an away game for the team and the brawl broke out according to reports that players had been insulted and hit with flying beers.

The brawl was started behind the bench when fans in the stands started throwing beer and insults at the Tri-City Americans.

What Happened To The Coach And Players In That Seattle Brawl With The Americans?

The Americans, having enough of the abuse, headed into the stands with sticks flying.

The incident was broken up after 20 minutes by law enforcement and Western Hockey League officials indefinitely suspended Coach Rick Kozuback and two of his players, Terry Virtue and Jeff Fancy for the incident.

How Many Years Ago Was The Brawl Between The Tri-Cities Americans And Seattle?

It's crazy to think over 30 years have passed since that crazy brawl and the YouTube videos still pop up from time to time.

Coach Rick Kozuback has said through the years he regrets the incident and says that he should've demanded the drunk fans be escorted off the premises at the time.

It's still a pretty amazing piece of history for the Tri-City Americans.

You can read more about the incident here and check out the above video which has to account for one of the craziest hockey fights ever.

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