On paper it seemed to be a night of frustration for Davis senior Collin Kelley. He was 1-8 with just two points going into the third quarter.

"What can I say? The ball was going in for people other than me. (West Valley) kept collapsing on me, so I just kept feeding my teammates."

That's when senior guard Alexzander Delgado knew he had to step in.

"I told Collin to keep shooting, because I knew eventually they would fall. But at the same time I knew I was going to have to play my game," said Alexzander Delgado on his 23-point outburst. Including 17 in the first half.

Momentum was all on Davis side early as shooting guard Brock Williams poked the ball loose mid-way through the second quarter.

Alexzander Delgado completed the fast break steal-and-score to gives his team a 28-17 lead with four minutes left in the second quarter.

"All I remember was run, I saw Brock steal it and then I took off. Brock helps us in so many ways; he fills lanes, which opens lanes for me."

Brock Williams was creating opportunities early

But West Valley would not go gentle into that good night.

Dallin Cluff and Isaac McDonald hit impactful threes in the third that ignited West Valley fans into a frenzy. The three's tied the game with three minutes left in the third quarter.

Smattering "overrated" chants began to break out amongst the West Valley student section.

"It's all in the name of competition, I'm a competitive guy, and we got the W," said Collin Kelley on the rivalry match-up.

This is what conference play is all about.

Collin Kelley did not have his usual game from the field

Kelley would inevitably break through as the game winded down. He picked up eight points in closing duty to make the final a 59-45 win.

A quiet force for Davis was power forward Ivory Evans-Kimble, who was second on his team with 15 points. Evans-Kimble powerful inside defense was a big reason why West Valley attempted an absurdly high 27 three-pointers.

"Ivory is one of those blue-collar type of workmen that everyone wants on their team," said Davis coach Eli Juarez, "he will go after loose balls and rebounds, all of a sudden you blink and he's there.""

Notable performances for West Valley include senior guard Dallin Cluff who finished with 16 points, and senior center Isaac McDonald who finished with 10 points.

Dallin Cluff was a lone bright spot for West Valley

Next up for Davis is Eisenhower (3-6), and regardless of records, these two cross-town teams are destined to be rivals forever.

"Every year (Ike vs Davis) is a hot game. Even when you play West Valley it's nice to have that intensity level, against Ike we'll have another one. Year in and year out when that ball goes up, there are going to be people screaming on the sidelines," said Coach Juarez painting the scene.

You can listen to Davis vs Ike today on 1460 ESPN Yakima at 7:15pm.