**Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire from farmers at home for saying he’s flexible on increasing access to the country’s dairy industry, a change sought by President Trump in NAFTA talks.

According to agweb.com, Trudeau says the U.S. was seeking two main things in NAFTA negotiations, which are essentially on the back-burner.

Dairy Farmers of Canada president Pierre Lampron says the prime minister’s comments are “quite worrisome,” and “deeply troubling for our dairy farmers.”

**Oh, those city folks! For those who grew up on or around farms know spending time with farm animals contributes to your overall wellness. Well, people in New York City have now realized that and are paying $300 to spend 90 minutes cuddling, brushing and playing with cows.

According to a Metro US story, cow cuddling sessions tend to be monitored and facilitated by a licensed counselor and equine specialists, but still, aren’t there better ways to spend $300. Maybe a possible business opportunity!?

**Tyson Foods is hungry for more deals.

CEO Tom Hayes tells agweb.com, the largest U.S. meatpacker is looking to acquire companies that would boost its food brands and geographic reach.

He says they also have an eye on expanding its international footprint by adding operations and increasing

U.S. exports.

While Tyson remains among the largest domestic processors of chicken, pork and beef, recent acquisitions have been centered on prepared foods.

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