**A Cornell University researcher has developed a new, flavorful and highly productive cherry tomato that when ripe … is green.

The new variety, called Jaded, was created by associate horticulture professor Phillip Griffiths who bred it from four heirloom varieties.

thepacker.com reports, Jaded’s skin becomes translucent like a gooseberry and adopts a golden hue when ripe.

Griffiths says challenges came in knowing when it was ripe, but also the perception of people to a green tomato.

**The U.S. Meat Export Federation believes outlook is very positive for continued growth in 2020.

USMEF’s Korea director, Jihae Yang says Korea's domestic beef production cannot keep pace with growing demand, and well-marbled, high-quality U.S. beef is very appealing to Korean consumers.

Australia's beef production is being impacted by drought-induced herd liquidation, which has more Korean foodservice operators relying on U.S. beef.

Lower tariffs under the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement also helps make U.S. beef more affordable.

**The National Pork Producers Council is calling the FDA’s misrepresentation of a gene edited livestock research project the latest stall tactic designed to rationalize a regulatory grasp on an emerging technology that must be regulated by the USDA if the U.S. is to maintain its global leadership position in agriculture.

NPPC President David Herring says while other countries move quickly on this advancement to gain competitive advantage, the U.S. is falling far behind.

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