5 Weirdest Things We Saw Available for FREE on Seattle Craigslist

Tis the season to be saving up some cash for those holiday and Christmas presents that you have to buy. Hopefully, you are finding some great deals at local stores across Washington. Craigslist is always a great place to find some items that you can turn into re-gifting if they are in good condition, of course. We found some weird things available for free on Seattle’s Craigslist. Claim them if you dare!  


1 . 11 Pink Pom Poms  

11 Pink Pom Poms - Seattle Craigslist
Seattle Craigslist

Whatcha gonna do with all those pom poms? You could start a rock band called 11 Pink Pom Poms and each band member shakes them instead of doing a curtsy after each performance?


2 . 6 Tree Stumps 

Free Hedges - Seattle Craigslist
Seattle Craigslist

“Free give out all the stumps as soon as possible. Please pick it up by yourself, call or test me at show contact info before you come. I can remove cars.”

What are you waiting for? You heard them, TEST ME!


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3 . Free Hedges - You dig!! (Renton)  

Free Hedges
Seattle Craigslist

Can you dig it? Literally and figuratively speaking.


4 . Plastic Utensils  

Plastic Utensils - Seattle Craigslist
Seattle Craigslist

“Leftovers from our kiddo’s bday party.”


You know what they say, “Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!”


5 . Original 90210 Cast Autographs  

90210 Cast Autographs - Seattle Craigslist
Seattle Craigslist

“They’re all signed to me but I’m ready to pass them on. Luke Perry’s autograph is in there.”

Not sure why someone would want autographs that belong to someone else, even if Luke Perry is your jam. Besides, how do we really know if these autographs are real? #QTNA


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