5 Celebrities You Might Run Into the Next Time You Visit Oregon

From actors and animators, to billionaires, Oregon has some cool celebrities you might run into on your next visit.

1 . Sam Elliott


Sam has a place out in Willamette Valley, Oregon, which is about an hour from the Washington-Oregon state border. 

Sam Elliott has been featured in memorable movie and television roles, including a narrator in The Big Lebowski, which is my favorite Sam Elliott movie.


2 . Matt Groening

2019 Comic-Con International - "The Simpsons" Panel
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Why wouldn’t you run into Matt Groening in Oregon? After all, he named the town The Simpsons live in after the town of Springfield, Oregon

My favorite Simpsons character is Sideshow Bob. Even though he’s evil AF, I dig his hair.


3 . Jim Belushi

2018 NHL Awards
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Jim has a weed farm located in Oregon so if you’re traveling near Oregon cities like Eugene, Albany, Cannon Beach, Coos Bay, Corvallis, or South Beach, then you just might find him and bump into him!


Want to bump into a billionaire? You might be surprised to know that the guy who founded the Columbia fashion label lives in Oregon as well as the creator of Nike.


4 . Timothy Boyle

He is the creator of the Columbia fashion brand.

5 . Phil Knight

How can you not know that Phil Knight is the founder of Nike? Did you also know that he is currently working on a deal to become the co-owner of a famous NBA basketball team that you may have heard of once or twice (Portland Trailblazers)?

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