Another big house fire kept firefighters busy Tuesday almost a week since another big fire that caused $350,000 in damage.

Firefighters were called at about 9:30pm Tuesday

The fire was reported Tuesday at about 9:30 pm in the 600 block of North 20th Avenue and even threatened other homes in the neighborhood. No injuries were reported. The person living in the home was able to escape and is now staying with family in the area.
Firefighters say they received numerous calls about the fire and when they arrived the found the front half of the home fully involved in flames.
Firefighters say the fire consumed the attic entire attic space. They also had to deal with multiple power lines were down and arcing.

Yakima Firefighters called in a lot of help to douse the flames

A news release from the Yakima Fire Department says "the fire load was too much to control and the growth continued to outpace firefighting efforts. Additional Yakima Fire Department crews were called to the scene. The East Valley Fire Department and the Yakima Training Center Fire Department assisted at the scene."  Public Works Division crews were also called to the scene. They helped with a backhoe, clearing portions of the structure.

Fire caused an estimated $275,000 in damage

It was a long firefight. A total of 44 firefighters spent five and a half hours dousing the flames. Firefighters were then called back to the scene Wednesday morning to further douse hot spots.
The cause remains under investigation. Damage is estimated at $275,000.
Last Wednesday a home fire in the 1300 block of Fairbanks Avenue caused an estimated $350,000 in damage. The cause of that fire remains under investigation as well.

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