Key Players

QB/DB Drew Kornegay - Going into his third year as starter. Despite his undersized frame at 5’9” 150 pounds, Kornegay can do everything. His ultra quick release allows him to scramble and make plays outside the pocket. Game-managing skills is what he’s worked on most in the off-season.

OL/DL Chance Ward - Him alongside his battery mate Javier Castro are both going into their third year as starting guards. Has tremendous size for the position at 6’3” 270 pounds. Never going to be an easy task for defensive lines on a week to week basis. Will also be featured at D-end.

OL/DL Javier Castro - Has been a model of consistency on this Ike team for the past three years. He’s going to be a big part of the running game. Can also be counted on to control the line of scrimmage at defensive tackle.

WR/DB Jesse Magallon - True deep ball threat. Glides through his routes and is also able to bring the physicality with his run blocking. On the defensive side, he’ll be counted on to rack up the tackles while also breaking up a lot of passes.

RB/DB Jaiden Corbray - Important piece as not only will he be returning at free safety, but he’s also going to need to step up and be a workhorse type running back. He’s shown through out fall camp he can excel at both.


Last year Eisenhower didn’t play up to expectations as they finished sixth in the Big Nine with a 3-6 record. What was more alarming was their 1-6 in-conference record.

Head coach Gary Jimenez is entering his first season as the full time head coach, and he understands what steps he has to take next.

Ike faced some growing pains last year as they searched for a team identity. Despite the adversity they faced, they may have discovered just that.

On offense, this team wants to establish the run behind their veteran O-line. They have a couple talented running backs they plan on giving balanced carries to.

Heading the stable should be junior Jaiden Corbray. He’s on the smaller end at 155 pounds, but he packs a punch and knows how to find the edge. Complimenting him should be a another good one in power back Damien Pacheco.

In a conference with a high level of parity, quality quarterback play may be the difference maker.

The coaching staff is placing a lot of trust on Drew Kornegay to take a big step forward. As a sophomore he led Ike to a solid 6-4 record, but last year his play was more erratic.

Kornegay put a lot of pressure on himself to do everything. As a result, it cost his team games in the standings. This year the offense is going to reel him back in and allow him to be comfortable.

He’ll have a talented offensive line returning this year. They’re all seniors, and it starts with two anchors in Javier Castro and Chance Ward. Both have been starting guards since their sophomore year.

They pride themselves on a mauler mentality. While they will bring smash mouth play, they’re also disciplined to drop back in passing situations.

A third year returning starter is at right tackle in Christian Soberanes. He’ll shore up the right sed well alongside Castro.

The number one receiver on the outside is going to be 6’3” target Jesse Magallon. He’ll be joined by fellow senior wideout Drew Reyes.

The defensive philosophy for this group is going to be a 3-4 stack that’s willing to do a little bit of everything to find success.

Along with his receiver duties, Jesse Magallon will act as the hybrid linebacker. He’ll primarily be apart of the front seven, but will drop back in obvious passing situations.

The free safety is going to be another returning starter in Jakden Corbray.

Corners should be a reflection of some offensive weapons in Drew Reyes and Damian Pacheco. Their playing styles are similar in containing RB’s while also dropping back in zone.

The D-line may be the strength of the defensive unit. The two offensive anchors Chance Ward and Javier Castro will flip and play interior tackle and defensive end. They’ll be joined by 6’2” 240 pound senior Christian Sobernanes.

A big presence at middle linebacker is 6’1” 210 pound senior Will Yocom. He certainly brings the swagger to the unit.


This team is going to embrace the motto of taking it “one game at a time.” When you lose six of your seven conference games, you’re not going to expect to win them all in the following season. Putting themselves in position to play for the Big Nine title game will be at the forefront. You never want to put all the marbles into one position, but it really may come down the play of Drew Kornegay. The expectations are so high on him going into his third year, and it appears it’s all coming together for him. Improvement is virtually a given for this team, but the jury is still out on whether or not they can sneak into the playoffs.

Key games

Federal Way 9/7

@ Moses Lake 10/5

@ Eastmont 10/19

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