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Not since 2012, when they drafted the recently departed Bruce Irvin, have the Seattle Seahawks had a selection in the first round. Not only do they have #26 overall but they also own nine total over the seven rounds of the draft.

Rd 1, Pick 26 (26)
Rd 2, Pick 25 (56)
Rd 3, Pick 27 (90)
Rd 3, Pick 35 (97)
Rd 4, Pick 26 (124)
Rd 5, Pick 34 (171)
Rd 6, Pick 40 (215)
Rd 7, Pick 4 (225)
Rd 7, Pick 26 (247)

What is the biggest need, by position, that the Hawks need to address via the draft? Take our poll and/or let us know in the comments section below!

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