We asked some of our listeners what entertainment options they wish were here in Central Washington and they had a lot to say. If you moved here from a big city, it will take some adjusting to getting used to living in Central WA. Perhaps that's why someone once told me that "the best part about living here is leaving it." They didn't mean leaving as in moving away, they meant that all the big entertainment options were best found elsewhere.

You can tell right away that Central Washington is sorely missing some great fun restaurants, stores, and experiences like the ones we can find in bigger cities like Spokane, Seattle, and Tacoma. That being said, Central Washington is unique and amongst the most beautiful places to live and raise a family in Washington, so that's our trade-off, I suppose.

If you ask me what specific things I feel that I am missing here in Central Washington, I've got a scroll-full of entertainment and shopping options that I could whip out for you! I'm miss living near huge shopping malls with 3 or 4 levels inside like the one at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, or being a quick drive away from trendy Southern Soul Food restaurants like Pine State Biscuits in Portland. I would love to live near a celebrity taco shop like Trejo's Tacos, owned by Danny Trejo!

I also wish we had an IKEA, Chuck E. Cheese, Dave’s Hot Chicken, a standalone Drag Show and Burlesque venue, and Potbelly sandwich shop here in Central Washington, too! 

Here are the top 10 entertainment options that our listeners told us they wish were here in Central Washington.

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  1. Strip Club

  2. Dave & Busters Arcade, Restaurant, and Sports Bar

  3. Waterpark/Theme Park

  4. Drive-In Movies

  5. Top Golf Sports Entertainment Complex

  6. Trader Joe’s/Chik-Fil-A/In-N-Out Burger

  7. Comedy Club

  8. Horse Racing/Drag Racing

  9. Zoo/Aquarium

  10. Alcohol-Free Family Events

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