I'm not the Jack LaLanne or Denise Austin type, but I actually made a video of my personal exercise routine.

Since I had successful bariatric surgery last year, I've lost a lot of weight -- nearly 150 pounds. Part of that success is due to getting into the gym regularly for some exercise. Right now I don't do weights or strength training, choosing to stick with cardio exercise. What form do I use?

I'm not coordinated enough for an elliptical trainer, I just don't feel comfortable on one. (You should have seen me try a cross country ski machine years ago.) I find exercise bikes to be boring, and a stair climber is just a disguised torture device. My choice is walking on a treadmill.

I put in my settings, crank up some rock 'n' roll tunes on my MP3 player and get going. Before you know it, I've walked a few miles and I'm done. Many people find the treadmill to be boring, but it just fits for me. Don't know why, but it works.

So here is my workout video. I hope you enjoy it!

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? OK, not so much. Whatever works!