Obesity is a crisis in this country that cuts across race, class, age and gender and stretches from coast to coast. In Yakima, Washington, more than a third of the city is considered obese. In Reading, Pennsylvania it’s about the same. The fattest place in America is the McAllen, Texas area, where the obesity rate is more than 38%. And then there’s Atlanta, Georgia where nearly a quarter of the population is obese.

That is how the viewers of Katie Couric know Yakima, Washington. As one of the most obese cities in the country. Now it's true, but changing the tide is done by people making better personal choices. I also think raising awareness and educating people to make those choices will help.

I never used to workout regularly or very hard for that matter. A friend of mine invited me to join Achieve Health and Fitness and, for me, it was a good fit. What it comes down to is you doing what you want to do with your life. It's your health and, frankly, we live in one of the fruit bowls of the valley so eating fresh and healthy should be easier.

Doing things like the Color Naches Fun Run and taking advantage of our 300 days of sunshine put us in prime position to change that stat. Come on Yakima, let's get back in shape!