When I was a kid, I believed that our school teachers, firefighters, police officers and our veterans were always taken care of. When I got older, I sure did learn a few things. They are not always taken care of. In fact, some of them struggle and shouldn't. Even with something simple like a blanket or jacket.  Our veterans should not have to worry about a blanket at night or a jacket to keep them warm. Yakima Valley Veterans Coalition agrees. They have put together an amazing blanket and jacket drive. Over 16,000 veterans are in Yakima County and so many of them are in need of blankets and jackets.

Please bring your gently used or new blankets and jackets to Townsquare Media. 4010 Summitview. If you have any questions, ask for Kelly West at the radio station. You can also call Dave Purcell from the Yakima Valley Veterans Coalition, at 509-307-1889

Thank you so much for your generous donation! Donation deadline is September 30th, 2016.