Today is the 57th birthday of ESPN's Chris Berman who is probably one of the most recognized sports anchors of all-time.

Chris has been at ESPN since it's inception, but before he made it to the Big Time, he got his start at WNVR in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Like Waterbury, Yakima is an entry-level market for broadcasters who are often not here very long, save a few notable exceptions.

I tried to come up with as many former Yakima T.V. sports anchors which wasn't easy.  See how many you recognize and feel free to add others I have forgotten.

1.) Kevin Uretsky
2.) Joe Sullivan
3.) Derek Deis
4.) Anish Shroff
5.) Mike Murad (sp? - not pictured)
6.) Jeff Siembieda
7.) Brad Ryerson (sp? - not pictured)
8.) Ross Perich
9.) Kevin Bolinger
10.) Al Shirley (not pictured)
11.) Gary Peixoto
12.) Steve Beehler (not pictured)
13.) Bob Romero (not pictured)
14.) Alan Sillence