The debate of who's a "bandwagon" Seahawks fan and who isn't will probably continue to be debated ad nauseum. There really is no empirical proof, it's just one opinion against another.

But what city in the state of Washington has the most enthusiastic fans? THAT has been determined! Sort of.

Here comes the science ...

The folks at have scoured the Facebook pages of residents across the state to determine which of the 40 most populated cities in Washington are the biggest Seahawks fans.  To determine this, they looked at the profiles and compiled data from those expressing an interest in the team.

In their findings, Yakima ranks 27th out of 40 with 26.09 percent.  Interestingly, Seattle proper comes in at a lowly 35 (22.22 percent).

No. 1?

Maple Valley at a whopping 40 percent.

Then again, they figured it all up before Friday night's Seahawks rally in downtown Yakima.