Yakima Police unveiled it's newest weapon against crime. An armored SWAT vehicle.  SWAT team commander Sergeant Gary Jones says it replaces the current Vietnam era vehicle which is owned by the U.S. Army but used by Yakima Police. Sergeant Jones says "compared to what we have now, this is a more versatile for what we do, we can hold more personnel, it can get into areas were the other vehicle would get stuck, it's a much more capable vehicle."

The armored vehicle is used 15 to 20 times a year in the Yakima area  In addition to it being a more capable vehicle it also provides more safety for officers.  "It gives us some kind of bullet protection where we may not otherwise have it, long driveways, up close to dangerous situations and not expose officers unnecessarily," says Sergeant Jones.

The vehicle new would cost $280,000.00, but this is a refurbished vehicle once owned by the Virginia State Police and it cost the Yakima Police Department $127,000.00.