It's always heartwarming and reassuring when Yakima makes a list of top cities that doesn't have the words crime or drugs in the headline., a website designed to help consumers save money, came up with a list of top cities to live in on the cheap if you're a millennial. Several things were taken into account, including outdoor activities, cost of living and entertainment. Yakima came in fifth place, beating out such cities as the gorgeous Newport, Ore., Glendale, Colo., and even Buffalo, N.Y.

The cities that fared better than Yakima were Logan, Utah (located just above Salt Lake City), and the beaches of Clearwater, Fla. The No. 1 spot went to Birmingham, Ala.

Here's what said about Yakima:

Some millennials may think the West Coast is too pricey, but think again. Yakima, Washington, is a beautiful (and affordable) city that offers millennials an amazing town to get their life started. From beautiful scenery to vineyards and breweries, Yakima is the perfect town to move to for an affordable price.

I'd have to agree.

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