Washington state, compared to other states, comes in about average on how smart we are. But when you break is down by cities, you find the weak links. RoadSnacks recently released a list of the dumbest cities in Washington and Yakima, as well as a few of our neighbors, made the list for a few reasons.

As the list goes by percentage of dropouts and graduates per capita, 26.8 percent of adults in Yakima have no high school diploma, and about 13 percent of teens drop out of school. Those stats put us in sixth place out of the top 10.

That's about one in every four adults without a high school diploma.

Not to be outdone, several of our neighboring cities made this same list, including Wapato (10th), Toppenish (seventh) and Sunnyside -- which came in second place because 47.7 percent of adults lack a high school diploma and 15.5 percent of teens have dropped out of high school.

First place belongs to the town of Othello.

Do you think this list correctly attributes smarts based on diplomas and dropouts? Tell us in the comments.