We have had many inquiries about the availability of any 'Seahawks Super Fan' bus trips for the upcoming season. Sadly, none are scheduled for this season as there are no group tickets available at CenturyLink Field as in years past.

With that said, we would like to know if you, your friends and family or other Seahawks fans who already have game tickets would be interested in putting together a 'Rooter Bus' for the eight regular-season home games.

The price would likely be $40-$50 per person and would be round trip. Advantages would be:

* Not paying outrageous parking prices.
* Parking within two blocks of the stadium.
* Safe parking.
* Not paying $30-$100 for gas.
* No hassle driving in traffic, finding parking etc.
* Designated driver for those who might imbibe.
* Reliable, round-trip transport over passes during bad weather.
* Comfortable, spacious travel in motor coach (with on-board bathroom!)
* Even if you don't have game tickets, being in the SODO (South Downtown) Seattle area in the midst of all the revelry with plenty of local establishments around to watch the game, eat, drink, etc.

Take the poll and let us know!  If we receive enough positive feedback we will pursue securing Seahawks Rooter Buses for 2014