As beef production increases, prices will trend lower, according to analysts with the Livestock Marketing Information Center, who wrote recently that “As the second half of 2016 progresses, year-over-year declines in cattle prices are forecast to moderate. As the year wraps up, the fed steer price could match or slightly exceed the depressed level of late 2015. Yearling and calf prices are expected to remain below 2015’s through year-end.”BEEF online also says that prices may be near a seasonal bounce.

And more layoffs for Caterpillar, according to the Wall Street Journal. Caterpillar blamed anemic economic growth coupled with geopolitical events for undermining consumer confidence that is creating the downsizing. The company plans to eliminate more than 10,000 jobs through 20108.

In the wake of the GMO Arctic apple that doesn’t brown, U.K scientists have developed a GMO wrinkle- free tomato that stays firm for 14 days after harvesting. The study was funded in part by Syngenta and is part of research that optimizes color and texture.