• Denver is the new home of Wilbur-Ellis’ new Agribusiness Division.

    The new facility will host key personnel, including executive leadership and key support team leads, as the company shifts the base of its Agribusiness operations from California to Colorado. The Wilbur-Ellis corporate headquarters will remain in California, and the Agribusiness Division will continue to operate its more than 175 branch locations across the U.S.

    The relocation is part of the business's multi-faceted Alignment for Growth plan announced this past summer.

  • Up until now, the avian influenza outbreak has not been seen in any commercial flocks.

    Now a Foster Farms turkey facility in Stanislaus County, California has reported that an early-detection program caught the outbreak in a single, rural turkey ranch, which has been quarantined. The virus strain was the H5N8 strain which is not known to be harmful to humans like other strain have been such as the H5N1.

    Oregon, Washington and Idaho have all had recent issues with avian influenza but was only found in backyard flocks.