As a baseball fan, I often get into arguments with people as to why I think steroids should be LEGAL within the game.  Usually I get the response you are thinking right now.  "No way!  It's cheating!"
Well, it is cheating (because it is currently against the rules) but here I will present why I think it should be legal.

Anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (H.G.H.) haven't always been against the rules of baseball but are, technically, illegal by law unless administered by a licensed physician.  The 'problem' sports fans have with performance-enhancing drugs (P.E.D.'s) I find to be sanctimonious and holier-than-thou.  My 66 year-old MOTHER is on a steroid (Prednisone), for crying out loud!  Let's not pretend that there are no health benefits from taking them.  In fact, movie star/action hero Sylvester Stallone ('Rocky,' 'Rambo') has admitted to using HGH as a means to continue to slow the aging process and has gone so far as to predict that, someday, every person over 40 years old will be using them!

Fans cry that those who take them are cheating.  Cheating whom?  Themselves?  Possibly, in that they can have long-term adverse effects (which usually only come about through abuse - not a doctor's care.)  Cheating those that don't want to take the risk of having them administered?  I think it should be up to the individual athlete as to whether or not they "juice."  Speaking of "juice"...

Former big leaguer Jose Canseco was absolutely vilified when he wrote his expose` on the subject of Major League Ballplayers taking the drugs and the benefits they provide.  The tome was entitled, "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big." Canseco was once teammates with slugger Mark McGwire who has now also admitted to using after originally denying it.  Those that criticized Canseco have since had to eat a heaping helping of crow, which is pretty much everyone.

Another argument for its continued ban I have difficulty with is that P.E.D.'s "allow a player to do something they couldn't do naturally" (i.e., build muscle mass, heal from injury quicker, sharpen eyesight and reflexes, etc.)

Well, pot, meet kettle.

Why is Curt Schilling, shot up full of cortisone in the 2004 playoffs against the Yankees with a ligament stapled to his ankle, bloody sock and all, considered a 'hero'?

How 'bout the guy who had LASIK eye surgery to improve his vision?

Former Pirate and Met Dock Ellis once pitched a no-hitter whilst admittedly tripping on L.S.D.!

Could it not be said that they all had their performance enhanced by medicine?
Even the great  Hank Aaron admitted to taking "greenies" (stimulants) to enhance his performance.

Furthermore, the "cheats" have been, and will ALWAYS be, ahead of the tests, penalties, etc.
If an athlete, under doctor's supervision, wants to take a substance that takes 10 years off his life potentially and shrink his genitals, that's his/her choice.

Besides, who isn't curious to see what a 700-foot home run looks like?