If you want to watch "Shark Week," tune in to the Discovery Channel. But if you're more of a dog person, you can catch Bark Week right here.

Between now and midnight Tuesday (July 26), take a whiff of the pictures of more than 200 local dogs, then cast ONE vote for your favorite dog (see below). The

"Mo" from Brumback Law Group

winner gets $500 cash, second place wins $250 and third fetches $100.

The contest is sponsored by  Brumback Law Group, which knows a thing or two about dogs -- or at least how to be "bulldog tough." (Just ask their pal, Mo, there.)

Anyhow, we'll have the winning dogs and their owners come in for a visit after the voting so you can find out how they'll spend all that cash. (Biscuits? Toys? The GOOD kind of dog food?)

OK, sic 'em -- you have a tough decision to chew on ...