We have reached the final two months of the regular baseball season, and a flurry of moves were made before the July 31 trading deadline.

So, who was the biggest winner at the trade deadline? Several key players changed addresses, which could help a team make a serious October run. Which will end up being the best move? That’s yet to be seen. It could be a team that didn’t make a move at all, or a team that cleared some space.

The Chicago Cubs shipped off a couple of players, including pitcher Ryan Dempster, who landed back in Texas, where his career began. In exchange the Cubs get some youth. That could prove beneficial for years to come. Chicago fans are hoping Theo Epstein will do for them what he did for Boston in 2004.

Some would argue that the Rangers beefed up their roster in hopes of another big playoff run, while the Angels made a big move to land pitcher Zack Greinke from Milwaukee. That trade could really pay off for the Angels.

While the Phillies didn’t make moves for themselves, they did clear some space by sending Shane Victorino to Los Angeles. The Dodgers got a great veteran outfielder, while Philly begins to rebuild after what has proven to be a very disappointing 2012. The Dodgers arguably made out the best by gaining some pitching, and also bringing in infielder Hanley Ramirez. L.A. could be deadly when it comes down to the wire.