If you're like me, you'll be parked in front of your TV at home when they tee it up for Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday -- but there are lots of options for watching the big game. Where will you catch the Seahawks and the Patriots?

Are you hosting a party, or attending a party someplace? Will you head out to a local watering hole to share the game day experience with other fans?

Both have pros and cons. If you have a party or attend one at a friend's house you can control the atmosphere and the costs of your drinks and snacks, but you might have to deal with a huge mess afterward. At a bar, people wait on you, the TVs are huge, and you don't have to clean up. But, it could make a Kam Chancellor-sized hit on your wallet.

My family will probably just watch the game at home, with a few snacks on hand. If the Seahawks win, my kids can laugh at me for acting like an idiot for a few minutes of celebration. On the other hand, if Seattle loses, only my family will see me cry.