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Growing up in Yakima, we've heard plenty of youths claim there's nothing to do in town. First of all, they're wrong. Very wrong. Second of all, there's more to do in Yakima than most of other cities in Washington state. Road Snacks came up with a list of all the cities in Washington and ranked them on excitement. Here's what they found out.

As it turns out, Yakima is on the positive side on this list, and I'm not surprised.

Yakima ranked No. 84 out of 117 cities in Washington state. That's not bad!

Other cities on the list that were quite dull were Bainbridge Island, Ocean Shores and Edgewood but those are the types of cities that are boring on purpose. A great, quiet place to relax.

If you're looking for something to do, the ones at the bottom of this list are Seattle, Bellingham, Ellensburg, Cheney. But the best place for stuff to do belongs to the college town of Pullman. Go Cougs!