• Wheat milling customers from the Philippines are visiting the United States this week.

    U.S. Wheat Associated announced five milling customers from the Philippines are touring wheat production areas of the U.S. on Wednesday through August 16th. They will learn about quality, value and reliability of U.S. grown wheat.

    The team will get a field to vessel look at the U.S. wheat supply system while visiting states like Oregon, Washington, North Dakota and Kansas.

    The Philippines is fifth largest market for U.S. wheat, based on the five-year average.

  • An animated video by the American Farm Bureau Federation explores the Proposed Waters of the U.S. rule.

    In a news release Tuesday, AFBF said the video shows how the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers proposal is a regulatory overreach and unnecessary. AFBF’s Mace Thorton said, "This video offers a fresh take on a serious subject of concern to farmers, ranchers and other landowners.”

    You can see the video at www.fbvideos.org.